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Pono Guitars are high quality, all solid wood guitars. Available in the following sizes.

– Uku Li’i Small Body Parlor, 11 1/4″ body, solid headstock
– Li’i Small Body, 12 1/4″ body, slotted headstock
– O and OP Size Parlor 13 1/2″ body, both in solid and slotted headstock
– Grand Concert OOO 15″ body, solid and slotted headstock
– Dreadnaught 15 5/8″ body, solid headstock
– Grand Auditorium 16″ body, solid headstock
– Nylon Hybrid 15″ body, slotted headstock
– Tenor Guitar  13 3/4″ body, slotted headstock

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Pono Guitar Acacia 0 size-4




All Pono Guitars Include:
– All Solid Woods (Mahogany, Acacia, Rosewood, and Ebony)
– Top Woods: solid mastergrade Alaskan and Canadian spruce and cedar
– Wood binding (on models with binding)
– Gloss or Satin Finish
– Rosewood and Ebony fingerboards and bridges. Ebony/abalone bridge pins
– Bone nuts and saddles
– One year limited warranty (limited to manufacture faulty craftsmanship)
– Custom Hardshell case
– D’Addario EXP  Strings
– FREE FedEx Express 2 Day US Domestic Shipping (International orders add $75)




Pono 4-0 spruce rosewood-7
Pono Guitar Cedar Acacia C- 0 size-6Pono Guitar Acacia 0 size

Pono O Mahogany Cutaway-2

Pono O Mahogany Cutaway-3

Pono O Mahogany Cutaway-4


Pono O Mahogany Cutaway-6

Pono O Mahogany Cutaway




Pono OOO Cedar Acacia-5



Pono OOO Cedar Acacia-8

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Pono Guitar Acacia 0 size-3 Pono Guitar Acacia 0 size-2

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Pono O Mahogany Cutaway-2

Professional quality Pono guitars. Craftsmanship is at the same high level as all of our Ko’olau instruments. Construction standards involve meticulously quartersawn solid woods, including mahogany, acacia, and rosewood. And on select models, top soundboards are spruce and cedar. Fingerboards and bridges are Rosewood and Ebony. Pearl for our logo and fingerboard position dots, bone nut and saddle, and all guitars include a custom hardshell case.