Pono Guitars 2015

Pono Guitars are high quality, all solid wood guitars. Available in the following sizes.

– Uku Li’i Small Body Parlor, 11 1/4″ body, solid headstock
– Li’i Small Body, 12 1/4″ body, slotted headstock
– O and OP Size Parlor 13 1/2″ body, both in solid and slotted headstock
– Grand Concert OOO 15″ body, solid and slotted headstock
– Dreadnaught 15 5/8″ body, solid headstock
– Grand Auditorium 16″ body, solid headstock
– Nylon Hybrid 15″ body, slotted headstock
– Tenor Guitar  13 3/4″ body, slotted headstock

See www.ponoguitar.com for more information, photos, videos, and current pricing.

Pono Guitar Acacia 0 size-4




All Pono Guitars Include:
– All Solid Woods (Mahogany, Acacia, Rosewood, and Ebony)
– Top Woods: solid mastergrade Alaskan and Canadian spruce and cedar
– Wood binding (on models with binding)
– Gloss or Satin Finish
– Rosewood and Ebony fingerboards and bridges. Ebony/abalone bridge pins
– Bone nuts and saddles
– One year limited warranty (limited to manufacture faulty craftsmanship)
– Custom Hardshell case
– D’Addario EXP  Strings
– FREE FedEx Express 2 Day US Domestic Shipping (International orders add $75)




Pono 4-0 spruce rosewood-7
Pono Guitar Cedar Acacia C- 0 size-6Pono Guitar Acacia 0 size

Pono O Mahogany Cutaway-2

Pono O Mahogany Cutaway-3

Pono O Mahogany Cutaway-4


Pono O Mahogany Cutaway-6

Pono O Mahogany Cutaway




Pono OOO Cedar Acacia-5



Pono OOO Cedar Acacia-8

Pono OOO Cedar AcaciaPono O Mahogany Cutaway-3Pono O Mahogany Cutaway-4Pono O Mahogany Cutaway-6Pono OOO Cedar AcaciaPono OOO Cedar Acacia-4Pono OOO Cedar Acacia-3Pono OOO Cedar Acacia-5Pono OOO Cedar Acacia-813/01/Pono-Guitars-1000px-16.jpg”>

Pono Guitar Acacia 0 size-3 Pono Guitar Acacia 0 size-2

Pono Guitars 1000pxPono Guitars 1000px-3Pono Guitars 1000px-5Pono Guitars 1000px-6Pono Guitars 1000px-9Pono Guitars 1000px-8Pono Guitars 1000px-7Pono Guitars 1000px-10Pono Guitars 1000px-11Pono Guitars 1000px-12Pono Guitars 1000px-15Pono Guitars 1000px-16Pono Guitars 1000px-14Pono Guitars 1000px-13Pono Guitars 1000px-17Pono Guitars 1000px-18
Pono O Mahogany Cutaway-2