O‘ahu Chromatic Tuner

On the market there are currently a wide variety of clip-on tuners available, many of which are not only complicated, but not durable.   The Oahu Tuner is made of high quality components and a pleasing, compact design.

Besides high quality and low cost, the O‘ahu Chromatic Tuner is simple to use, and works on all stringed instruments.  It lacks some of the unnecessary “bells and whistles” of other tuners which offer optional settings and different background colors when in or out of tune, but we decided that quality and simplicity (on or off), and of course, affordability is more important.

The LCD display has one easy to see color, and when in tune, the needle points to the center when perfectly "in tune." Also a line to the left if slightly flat, and a line to the right if slightly sharp.

Again, fun frills are impressive, little buttons for guitars or ukuleles, etc. ... but not really necessary. And we chose a more expensive housing for our tuner because the clip-on bracket is sturdy and durable.

$20.00 each

Price: $20.00


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