‘Ukuleles na Kamali‘i (‘Ukuleles for Children)

To further encourage and enhance musical education for our youth, beginning August 2012 Ko‘olau Pono ‘Ukulele Company and Hawaii Music Supply will be giving away free ‘ukuleles to special needs children. The term used here, “special” is not necessarily as it is often used in social and medical terminology, such as mentally or physically challenged. Instead, special in the sense of being both musically motivated to play music, and financially unable to afford an instrument.

In other words, we want to provide a high quality ‘ukulele to a child whose family truly cannot afford one, and not simply wanting an instrument for free).

We are requesting information about possible candidates for our ‘ukulele program for any child under the 18 years of age.

Submissions will be reviewed at the end of each month, and shortly afterward you and/or the child and family will be notified.

Submissions must be in the form of a letter (no phone calls), either sent by US Postal or e-mailed. Please provide as much information as possible about the child you have selected for this program. However, letters must not be more than 100 words, otherwise they will be discarded, simply because we will not have time to read them.

Important information should include:

1. Child’s name, age, place of residence, and contact information if selected.
2. Your name and contact information. Please state if you wish to remain anonymous.
3. A brief explanation about the child’s circumstances, and why you feel this child both qualifies for this program, and also how this child will benefit from receiving an ‘ukulele. Again, this program is designed to search for and further educate children who already display exceptional musical potential. ‘Ukuleles to be provided are professional quality instruments.

The Ukulele Site
66-560 Kamehameha Hwy
Haleiwa, HI 96786


Please send information to the above postal or email address.