Kimo Hussey & Sam Lemann

Kimo and Sam stopped by and sampled two new Deluxe tenors, both with a spruce top and myrtle sides and back.

Kimo is playing a standard deluxe tenor and Sam is playing one with a gloss finish and a slotted headstock.

All Ko'olau's use only the highest level woods and 100% hide glue contruction.

Design Your Own

Choose from many woods and options to create the uke of your dreams.

I thist video Noa goes over many of the choices you can make when placing a custom order.

Right now the wait is 8-12 months but when the wait is over you will have a personal master built ukulele for life!

Pono Factory Tour

Here is the basic steps your Pono ukulele and guitar goes through in being hand crafted.
Filmed by John Kitakis , Feb. 2013

New for 2012 -

Prototype hand-carved Ko'olau Archtop

New Marine life inlay Custom Premium

New Line up for Pono Guitars

Acacia Pro- Classic series & more!!